Contribute to the United Minds Inspiring Innovation (UMII) Scholarship


To many people, $4.50 is worth a small-sized coffee, a slice of pizza, a notebook, or 20 minutes of work, but to a considerable number of students in college, it is their stress reliever and peace of mind. This academic year when you make your payments to Illinois Tech, consider adding the $4.50 Opt-In Fee to support the United Minds Inspiring Innovation (UMII) scholarship. This scholarship is available to undocumented students who demonstrate financial need and do not qualify for federal aid (FAFSA).

More than 1,000 Opt-In Fee contributions were made this past academic year to support the UMII scholarship. These funds, along with private donations¬†accepted year round, have supported 31 students since the scholarship’s inception in 2015. $4.50 is not much, but together we raised close to $6,000 last year.

Your continued support is needed and greatly appreciated.