Copier Meter Readings

The blanket purchase order for copier maintenance from Imagetec ends on May 31, 2012. As previously announced, each department that wants to continue maintenance from Imagetec is now responsible for making payment arrangements using either a purchase order or procurement card.

To close out the now-ending blanket order, Imagetec’s technicians will be conducting a walk-through to inspect and collect final copy counts on the machines.

The representatives will be wearing Imagetec shirts and have identification.

This walk-though will take place May 29–31. It should not be disruptive to your department and is necessary to reconcile the actual copies made as compared to the estimated copies for the period December 1, 2011 through May 31, 2012.

Again, this ends the centrally administered blanket order. If you wish continued service from Imagetec for your equipment, you must take action.