COVID-19 Study Day Reminder

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff,

As a reminder, there will be no classes next Tuesday, February 9. Last fall, the university made the decision to institute a series of COVID-19 study days throughout the spring 2021 semester, in lieu of a traditional spring break, to help reduce the number of individuals traveling to and from high-incidence locations.

These study days, which apply to both undergraduate and graduate courses (with the exception of Institute of Design students), are designed to offer students more flexibility to study and take a break from classes throughout the semester. Please mark your calendars for the designated study days, as listed below:

  • Tuesday, February 9
  • Wednesday, March 10
  • Thursday, April 8
  • Friday, April 30
I hope that you will take advantage of these days, to dedicate time not only to your studies, but also for your own self-care. Please know that our entire administration is here to support you both academically and personally, and we encourage you to reach out to advisers, faculty, and support staff with any needs you may have.
Sincerely,Peter Kilpatrick​​​​​​​
Peter Kilpatrick
Provost, Illinois Institute of Technology