Coyote Advisory

There have been several coyote sightings on Illinois Tech’s Mies Campus in recent weeks. Coyotes are considered nocturnal but are commonly seen during the day when trying to obtain food. They prefer to hunt but they will also eat road kill, take food out of garbage cans, and eat other discarded food.

Coyotes try to avoid human contact. If a coyote approaches you, it is recommended that you clap your hands and wave your arms above your head. Make a lot of noise. This makes you appear bigger and more intimidating.

To prevent problems with coyotes:

  • Never feed coyotes
  • Do not trap a coyote
  • Do not approach a coyote or its den
  • Do not try to take a close picture of the coyote

Remember, coyotes play an important role in controlling the rodent population.