Fall Course: Introduction to Machine Learning

The Computer Science department is offering a new undergraduate course in Fall 2020. Check with your faculty academic advisor for how CS484 will apply to your degree, and see the course schedule in MyIIT to register.

Introduction to Machine Learning – 13929 – CS 484 – 01

An introduction to machine learning concepts and algorithms, including classification, clustering, and regression. Topics include k-means clustering, nearest neighbors classification, decision trees, naive Bayes, logistic regression, support vector machines, and neural networks. Special focus will be on practical aspects of machine learning, including data preparation, experimental design, and modern tools for building machine learning systems. Basic probability theory knowledge is required.

Prerequisites: Undergraduate Students(MATH151 and CS116); Graduate Students(CS401 and CS402)
For students who have not yet taken CS584.

Wednesday 6:25 pm – 9:05 pm