CTA Red Line Construction Begins May 19

The CTA provided more details this week about the upcoming construction project, first announced in June 2012, that will shut down 10 miles of track and nine stations on the south Red Line, from the Cermak-Chinatown stop all the way to 95th Street, for five months.  The construction will begin on May 19, closing service on the nine southern-most stations on the line, including the IIT/35th Street stop.

During construction, CTA will offer extensive alternate service providing multiple options for commuters.  Included among the options announced this week is a free transfer for Red Line riders to the Green Line, which also stops at IIT’s Main Campus, at the Garfield station.

  1. Free shuttle buses with 24-hour service from 69th, 79th, 87th and 95th/Dan Ryan stations to the Garfield station on the Green Line, including express service from stations, with free entry at Garfield for shuttle bus riders, and a local, station-to-station shuttle from 63rd to 95th/Dan Ryan. A fifth shuttle will provide express service between the Roosevelt and Cermak-Chinatown stations.
  2. Free rail entry for shuttle bus riders at Garfield on the Green Line
  3. 50 cent discounted bus rides on many South Side routes
  4. 24-hour Red Line service as far south as 63rd Street via Green Line tracks between Roosevelt and Ashland/63rd
  5. Expanded bus service on existing routes

Much more information about the project is available on the CTA’s Red Line Project website.