D3 Week Scarlet Hawk Spotlight: Ahmad Muhammad

CHICAGO—Scarlet Hawk fans, NCAA Division III week is right around the corner! This year we are profiling different Illinois Tech student-athletes all week. Each one will give us insights on their time at Illinois Tech, some of their favorite memories, and more!

Let’s get off to an early start with a spotlight on Ahmad Muhammad of men’s basketball. Check out what he had to say below:

Q: What is the best part about being a Division III athlete?

A: The best part about being a Division III athlete is having flexibility. Although it takes a lot of dedication and commitment, I don’t have to worry about traveling far a lot. This gives me ample time to still be very focused on my schoolwork. At the same time, I’m able to play the sport that I love at a competitive level. No matter the division, I can still put forth effort and display the talents that I possess.

Q: What is your major and what are your plans and ambitions in your area of study after graduation?

A: As a current first-year undergraduate, I am majoring in business administration. In the future, I have thought about getting a co-terminal degree. It would be nice to have my M.B.A. before going out into the workforce. I am very ambitious, and I visualize myself building an entrepreneurship. Throughout my time at Illinois Tech, I want to brainstorm what type of company I’d want to run someday. I’d be interested in looking at internships, but the biggest goal I have is establishing my own style of work. Ultimately, I’m not afraid to fail, and it will be important for me to continue thinking of creative business ideas.

Q: What other clubs, positions, or activities do you have or are a part of at Illinois Tech?

A: At Illinois Tech, I am a part of the Camras Scholars Program. We are fortunate enough to be rewarded with the aid of full-tuition during our time here. One thing I’ve been interested in is joining the executive board for our group. I would like to become the Camras Scholars’ president someday. Also, as a first-year, I have still been learning the ropes around campus. I have tried my best to look at clubs I could possibly join. Creatively, I would even like to start my own that deals with foreign languages. A goal of mine is to become multilingual and I know with that ability, I could connect with many cultures.

Q: Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions you must do before every game or match?

A: This is a funny one. I wouldn’t say I have specific rituals or superstitions before every game, but there are things that go through my mind. Let’s say if I were to have a great game, I would make sure to wear the same sock and shoe combination for the next game. Once we made it to the NACC tournament, there was no way I was taking off my Jordan Concord 11s. I was playing well so I thought it must be the shoes.

Q: Who are some of your role models (i.e., family, other athletes in your sport, other influences in your life, etc.)?

A: I have many role models within my life starting off with my parents. They are two people I can observe and who have taught me that I should always give my best effort. Nothing can be achieved without trying. Others who inspire me are Randy Hetrick (founder of TRX training), LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick, Jordan Peele, and Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO). These people have not only been successful, but have positively influenced many others around them. I’d like to do the same as I continue to grow.

Q: What advice would you give to an incoming freshman student-athlete at Illinois Tech?

A: Near the end of my own freshman year, I would to say to an incoming student to always remain hopeful. Everything won’t go as planned, so it’s important to adjust to things with optimism. Failure doesn’t mean that the end of the world is approaching. You can truly enjoy your college experience if you keep an upbeat attitude. It is also important to get ahead in schoolwork. This will help so you are not overwhelmed while in-season. Taking these approaches, I’m sure any freshman will be able to achieve great success.

Q: What is your favorite Illinois Tech memory thus far?(It doesn’t have to be in athletics.)

A: My favorite Illinois Tech memory is difficult to choose. I would say it would be between getting a 4.0 in the fall semester and my performance in the NACC tournament against Rockford University. These were two moments where I felt very accomplished. I also believe I’ve helped myself become more confident. In the long run, I’d like to leave a legacy behind at Illinois Tech and those experiences have helped me start somewhere.