DEAL Feeback Survey: Putting Goals Into Motion

A huge thanks to the panelists for the recent DEAL session: Putting Goals Into Motion. Shavonn Nowlin, Nate Robbins, Joey Carrillo, and Sarah Pariseau shared tips around how to approach, track, and complete goals. Their personal insights allowed for a great dialogue on taking action, managing anxiety, and delegation.

For those who were able to tune in via the live stream or were interested but could not attend, please share your feedback on the event. Your input will help enhance future DEAL opportunities.

DEAL is programming aimed at peer-to-peer development and support through training for the Illinois Tech staff community. The goal is to create developmental programming for all staff each semester by drawing on the expertise of those within the community.

If you have any questions or ideas, please contact Elizabeth Wahlstrom Helgren ( or Tara Butterfield (