Department of Chemistry Holds 2014-15 Student Awards Event

The Chemistry Department held its annual student awards luncheon on April 28. This is the third recent annual event to recognize outstanding contributions and achievements of the students during the academic year, and the department plans to make this an ongoing tradition.

The following Chemistry students received honors for 2014-15:

Chemistry Teaching Assistant Award
Jingbai Li, Ph.D. candidate

Chemistry Graduate Service Award
José Orozco, Ph.D. candidate

Chemistry Undergraduate Junior Award
Dan Yin

Chemistry Undergraduate Senior Award
Rachael Youngworth

Kilpatrick Fellowship Award
Bo Hu

Kilpatrick Undergraduate Scholarship Award
John D. Clark
Matthew Seludo

In addition, three students were awarded department Fanta travel grants to attend a conference in their field. The Fanta Award is made possible through a generous gift from former IIT Chemistry Professor Paul E. Fanta. The Kilpatrick Fellowship and Scholarships are made possible through a generous gift from the Kilpatrick Trust to honor Martin and Mary Kilpatrick. Martin Kilpatrick served as chair of IIT’s Chemistry Department from 1947–1960. Mary Kilpatrick was a chemistry faculty member from 1947-1964.