Department of Chemistry Seminar: ‘Chemical Mechanical Planarization Process in the Semiconductor Industry’

Join the Department of Chemistry for its weekly seminar at 3:15 p.m. on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, in Robert A. Pritzker Science Center, room 111. Dr. Sajo Naik, senior research scientist at Entegris Inc. in Aurora, Illinois, will give a talk titled “Chemical Mechanical Planarization Process in the Semiconductor Industry.”


Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) is a process of smoothing wafer surfaces using abrasive particles, pads, and mechanical force. CMP is recognized by the semiconductor industry as the technology of choice for eliminating local and global topographic variations on flat wafers. A perfectly planarized or flat wafer surface is required by the IC (Integrated circuits) industry before the mounting of the nanodevices on it. Several factors including input variables, slurry particles, added chemistries and mechanical force play a key role in controlling CMP. I will provide a brief overview of the CMP process during the talk.