Department of Computer Science Hosts 70th Midwest Theory Day

The 70th Midwest Theory Day will be hosted by the Department of Computer Science of the Illinois Institute of Technology on Saturday, November 23.

The Midwest Theory Day (MTD) is a one-day conference on topics in theoretical computer science.

All topics are welcome. Organizers encourage submissions on algorithms in decision science that include optimization methods, algorithmic game theory, and learning theory. Participants are invited to give talks on their original research. An abstract in text format also will be published on the MTD web page.

The atmosphere is relaxed and informal. Graduate students are especially encouraged to give talks on original research. Generally, whoever is interested in giving a talk will be able to do so. There is no registration fee and no proceedings are published. Anyone interested in theoretical computer science is invited to attend.

The schedule of talks is such that it should be possible to travel to the venue, attend all the talks, and return all in one day. A free lunch (and coffee) will be provided, and participants usually get together afterwards over dinner at their own expense.

To RSVP, submit a paper, or preview the schedule, please visit the MTD web page.

For additional information please contact Gruia Calinescu ( or Sanjiv Kapoor (