Design, Build, Fly IPRO

There is a new IPRO (IPRO 497-406) available for students to register for Spring. This course will cover interprofessional aspects of the aerospace industry, such as drone delivery systems, various legal concerns pertaining to Federal Aviation Regulation, and the future of urban air mobility.

In addition, students will build a working RC airplane and fly it! CRN: 52433

This IPRO course was built around growing student demand from mostly aerospace and mechanical engineering majors who are enthusiastically involved in the Design-Build-Fly (DBF) activities of AIAA student branch at Illinois Tech. Having said this, the DBF activities are open to all Illinois Tech students from any majors.

This course was developed to facilitate and bring a structure to student efforts with the final goal of participating in annual DBF competition organized by AIAA, where student teams design, fabricate, and demonstrate the flight capabilities of an unmanned, electric powered, radio-controlled aircraft which can best meet the specified mission profile. The goal is a balanced design possessing good demonstrated flight handling qualities and practical and affordable manufacturing requirements while providing a high vehicle performance. To encourage innovation and maintain a fresh design challenge for each new year’s participants, the design requirements and performance objective are updated for each new contest year.

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