Design, Build, Fly RC Airplane Competition is now a MMAE Course and looking for Legal and Business Majors

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics has hosted the Design Build Fly Competition, where we build a RC airplane every year. DBF is going to be a Free/Technical Elective course this Fall! Its status as an IPRO-elective is currently undergoing the approval stage, so no promises on it being an IPRO, but it will still satisfy a free elective in case you need one still.

All Majors are welcome!

Legal and Business majors are encouraged to apply, as subjects such as space/air traffic law and various aviation-related business practices will be covered.

For anyone interested in participating in DBF next year (not just as a course, but as extracurricular users too) please fill out this Google Form as soon as possible to ensure permit issuance as well as have a roster on active participants who will be committed to taking this course in the Fall.