Interested in high tech digital manufacturing? Take a class this spring which introduces you to cutting edge CNC machining or smart factory technologies. Engineering (Mechanical, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Biomedical), Information Technology (ITM) and Industrial Technology (INTM) students are highly encouraged to expand their competencies and distinguish their Illinois Tech degree studies with these new manufacturing courses.

INTM 438/538 Advanced Metals Manufacturing (AMM I) teaches students about the functional aspects and capabilities of the 5-axis CNC machining center, and the processes involved in taking a machined part from prototype to production. Students learn to utilize SinuTrain simulation software and SolidWorks CAD/CAM software to operate the machine, create drawings, and make machined items. Ultimately, this course helps engineers understand design processes, challenges and the practical aspects of taking an idea from “art to part.”

In INTM 437/537 Smart Factory Automation, students learn how intelligent devices and sensors collect data, perform tasks, monitor processes, and provide automated responses to changing conditions on a factory floor. It is the convergence of Manufacturing, Data Analytics and Machine Learning. This course is for designers, engineers and future plant managers interested to learning about data and modeling in a manufacturing environment, with a significant focus on technology implementation.

If you have been seeking an amazing elective course which sets you on an exciting career path, get into one of these courses in spring ’21, which are open to all INTM, MMAE, and other engineering students interested in manufacturing processes. Contact Pamela Houser ( to learn more and obtain a permit.

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