Dive Into Day of Women’s Empowerment at Event October 27


Discover why Women’s Empowerment is crucial in today’s world at an event at Hermann Hall on Friday, October 27, from noon to 7 p.m. Gain insights from powerful influential leaders and change agents on topics ranging from finance, leadership, confidence to intuitive intelligence. Learn practical strategies for navigating personal and professional life.


12–12:15: Registration (Name tags and swag bags)

12:15–12:45: Why Women’s Empowerment is important, welcome to Illinois Tech, Zuly Gomez, Entrepreneur, Change Agent

12:45–1:30: Opening remarks on empowerment and women: Amanda Lannert, CEO of Jellyvision, her company that serves more than 1500 Fortune 1000 clients with ALEX, “the most helpful employee decision support platform on the planet.”

1:30–2:45: Closing the Gender Finance Gap. Erin Lydon (President, Poker Power) We teach women how to play the game… the game of poker and the game of life… one hand at a time.

2:45–3: Break (email, phone calls, snacks, Navy Seal box breathing, bio break etc.)

3–4: Taking Ownership of your Career Journey, Sharada Sullivan, Managing Director and Global Alliance Director with CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment

4–5:15: Advanced Intuitive Insight. Therese Rowley, Ph.D., CEO of Accelerated Alignment

5:15–5:25: Opportunity to support Humanity Rising with a text-to-give option, Debbie Ferruzzi Founder/CEO, Board Member. “Empowering young people to change the world.”

5:25–5:35: Closing, thanks, recap and an invitation to join us downstairs in our BOG, April Welch, Associate Vice President Strategic Initiatives, Illinois Tech

5:35–7: Join us in in the BOG to learn poker from a Poker Power instructor. Enjoy networking, bowling, darts, table tennis, pool and video games in our campus bar that serves wine and beer.

🤝 Network & Learn: After the sessions, enjoy hands-on activities, networking opportunities, and even a poker workshop led by Poker Power instructors. Unwind at our campus bar with wine and beer, and explore games like bowling, darts, table tennis, and pool.

📱 Support a Cause: During the event, you’ll have the chance to support Humanity Rising with a text-to-give option, empowering young people to change the world. https://humanityrising.org/donate/

Don’t miss this chance to elevate your personal and professional life. Join us for the Women’s Empowerment Event at Illinios Tech and be part of a transformative experience!