DOE announces FY2020 Research Opportunities in Accelerator Stewardship

The U.S. Department of Energy Accelerator Stewardship program’s mission is to support fundamental accelerator science and technology development of relevance to many fields beyond HEP and to disseminate accelerator knowledge and training to the broad community of accelerator users and providers.

The focus of this FOA focuses on three distinct activities:  1) applied research that is focused on developing a prototype in response to a specific technical challenge; 2) basic research that broadly impacts many accelerator applications, and 3) facilitating access to accelerator R & D capabilities at SC-sponsored National Laboratories for academic research.  Further information about the Accelerator Stewardship program may be found at A pre-application is mandatory.

Completed proposals are due in OSRP at least 2 business days prior to the deadline of February 21, 2020. Please contact or call at 312.567.3035 for assistance.