Elisabeth Hildt Joins IIT As Director of The Center For The Study of Ethics in the Professions

Elisabeth Hildt

Elisabeth Hildt

Lewis College of Human Sciences and the Humanities Department has announced the appointment of  Elisabeth Hildt as the Director of the Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions at IIT effective August 2014. Hildt will also serve as full professor of philosophy in the Humanities Department.

Hildt received her ethical and philosophical training in the postgraduate program Ethics in Sciences and Humanities at the International Centre for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (IZEW) at the University of Tubingen where she completed her Habilitation credential and two theses. Hildt wrote an interdisciplinary dissertation title, “Brain Tissue-Transplantation and Personal Identity” which was supervised by Philosopher Dr. Nida-Rumelin and Neuropharmacologist Dr. Werner J. Schmidt.

Hildt’s undergraduate studies were in biochemistry and developmental biology. She has training in multiple disciplines including science, ethics, and philosophy, allowing her to work both in medical and science ethics, addressing work in neurobiology and brain chemistry, as well as broad applied ethical questions.

Her publications include three monographs, nine collections of edited articles, more than 65 articles/chapters in national and international journals and books, and nine reviews. She has also secured funding for multiple collaborative projects.