Ebay purchases using procurement card

Purchases from eBay are allowed using PayPal or via direct charge to the card with these requirements:

  • The Purchasing Card cardholder must identify the Seller on eBay before making an authorized business purchase through eBay or PayPal (if used in conjunction with eBay).
  • The complete Seller information must be printed from eBay or PayPal, or the Purchasing Card cardholder must receive an email response from the Seller that includes: Seller’s full name and complete address (including state/country) for the itemized invoice.
  • The Purchasing Card cardholder agrees to review the “Seller information page” in eBay before making a University business purchase.
  • If the Seller information page reflects a negative or problem seller rating, or if the Seller refuses to identify the necessary information required, the Purchasing Card cardholder is not permitted to bid on or purchase the item(s) in question.

These steps are designed to protect IIT from fraudulent sellers and to better comply with grantor requirements.  Contact purc@iit.edu with any questions.