Electrical and Computer Engineering Research Seminar Series

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Department continues its Seminar Series on Friday, November 3 from 11 a.m.–noon in Siegel Hall, Room 118 with an IEEE Distinguished Lecture on “Synchronized and Democratized Smart Grids – Next Generation Smart Grids.” Refreshments will be served.

Qing-Chang Zhong, Max McGraw Endowed Chair Professor in Energy and Power Engineering at Illinois Tech, will talk about addressing fundamental challenges in energy and power systems through seamless integration of advanced control/systems theory and power electronics.

Zhong is a world-leading multidisciplinary expert in control, power electronics and power systems. His fourth book, out this year entitled, Power Electronics-Enabled Autonomous Power Systems: Next Generation Smart Grids, presents the architecture and technical routes of next-generation smart grids based on the synchronization mechanism of synchronous machines.

View a flyer with more information here: ECE Seminar Series.