Electronic Changes to Federal Tax Withholding Allowance Certificate

As part of continued efforts to provide employees with more options, a feature through the My IIT portal has been added that will allow employees to update and make changes to the federal W-4 withholding status online.

This feature allows employees to make immediate changes to their withholding status and advances IIT’s “green” initiative by saving paper and other costs. Please note that changes will be made to the pay period that includes the effective date you selected for the change.

To access and/or change the federal W-4 tax information follow these simple steps:

1. From My IIT, click on the “work” tab, scroll to employment details and select “Tax Forms.”
2. Select “W-4 Tax Exemptions or Allowances.” At the bottom of the next screen, select the “Update” tab.
3. As with the paper W-4 form, the total number of allowances claimed can be changed, request additional dollars to be withheld and/or change marital status.
4. If eligible, an exemption from FEDERAL tax withholding can be requested. If you check “Exempt,” be aware that no taxes will be withheld from your payroll checks.
5. When the changes are completed, click “Certify Changes” at the bottom of the page to save the changes. A prompt will then occur in order to verify identity by entering the same user identification and password that was used to sign into the My IIT portal. Click submit and all of the changes should be saved. The next screen will contain the W-4 update confirmation to indicate that the updates requested were successfully processed.

Note: Because of the special tax rules that apply to international employees, this electronic feature will not be available to them. International employees will still need to submit their changes on paper using the W-4 form.