Engineering Undergrads: Start Your Engineering Portfolio Today

IIT Armour College of Engineering just launched a unique engineering portfolio tool—the only one of its kind to be offered by a United States university. If you are an engineering undergraduate, start building your portfolio today! Do not miss out on this opportunity to enhance your marketability and set yourself apart.

Register here with your student ID.

How it works:
Each theme-related course, event, and activity you have participated in as of fall 2011 is loaded into your portfolio. Current and future courses with grade C and above will be loaded once final grades are submitted. As you continue to participate in themes activities, the portfolio will continue to track your progress. The end-product is four years of work packaged digitally with photos, videos, write-ups, and online information about the tangible experience you gained as an IIT engineering undergraduate.

For each entry in your portfolio, you will have the ability to post customized comments about your specific experiences. This is your opportunity to show why being an IIT engineer makes you unique. If you are not an engineering undergraduate or have yet to participate in a theme-related activity, check out the “Sample Portfolio” to see examples of what other students have done as part of the themes.

Events that will display in your portfolio include the 20-plus activities held during September as part of Themes Month, which engaged 651 students and brought 15 companies and 27 alumni to campus. Read more about Themes Month.

As the only university-based portfolio of its kind, the IIT Engineering Themes Portfolio will be a constant work in progress. We invite you to provide feedback so we can continue to improve.