Faculty Council Document Website and Archive

The Illinois Tech Faculty website has been updated. The major difference from previous sites is that this new site has been designed by our own Office of Technology Services (OTS) personnel so that it may be integrated into the web-hosting managed by them. This site has been built for us by OTS and the administrative privileges needed to manage it are held by the University Faculty Council (UFC) executive officers. This site will allow the UFC to better serve the rest of the faculty and this is the first time in the history of the university that faculty have had this service.

Archiving the documentation generated by the UFC is not a trivial task, let alone also having to be responsible for maintaining a website for it. Please be patient with the faculty members who are processing the documentation from the last several years and organizing it onto this website, it will take a while.

The website can be accessed here: https://my105.iit.edu/university-faculty-council/app/view/committee

Contact Joseph Orgel, UFC chair, at orgel@iit.edu with any questions or concerns.