Faculty Innovation Grants – New Proposal Requests for Summer and Fall

Faculty and students: After series of discussions with members of the Illinois Tech community, the committee for Faculty Innovation Grants invites all innovative and imaginative proposals that fit our general requirements (see ‘general requirements’ below) but particularly invite proposals following two distinctive areas for summer and fall 2018 projects:

  1. Proposals incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI). This can be AI in programmatic instruction of students or AI centric projects that create career opportunities for students.
  2. Collaborative proposals between students and faculty. These proposals can be initiated by a faculty member or a student, but they do need to show evident collaboration between faculty and students.

General requirements:

While addressing one or two (if applicable), the proposal will still need to explain how it generates an experience that increases student exposure to collaborations with prospective employers and/or builds their career advancement prospects and/or increases their preparation for employment alongside their academic preparation. Only competitive proposals with specific details planned and articulated will be considered for funding (e.g. if inviting speaker/s name them and give target dates with details of student interactions and activities with them). Proposals that include both one and two (or a different original theme) are acceptable.

The proposal deadline for projects beginning this summer is Tuesday, May 1. The deadline for fall 2018 has yet to be determined.

Visit the Faculty Innovation Grants webpage to learn more about the grants program and to apply for a summer or fall grant.