Fall 2014 Armour R&D Award Recipients Named

Armour_R&D_Logo_Color.jpgIIT Armour College of Engineering announces the award recipients for the Fall 2014 Armour R&D program. Armour R&D is a Distinctive Education initiative of the Armour College of Engineering which enables undergraduate engineering to have a more complete understanding of the research and development processes with the help of a faculty mentor.

Below is a list of all 25 accepted projects. The projects will be presented at the Fall 2014 Armour R&D Expo from 5-7 p.m. on Tuesday, December 2, 2014 in the Hermann Hall Gallery Lounge.

Theme Student Faculty Mentor Project Title
Health Isabel Arias Eric Brey Role of rowth media variation in the formation of mineralized issue in vitro
Energy Leonardo Bellincatnta de Souza Sohail Murad Role of Ion Exchange Membranes on Redox Flow Batteries
Energy Ming Chen Alexander Flueck Faster than Real-Time Power System Dynamics Simulation
Health Szu-Chun Chen Georgia Papavasiliou Effect of Nanoparticle Characteristics and Loading Density of Scaffold Properties and Cell invasion
Energy Dina Curioni Brent Stephens Energy and Environmental Characterization of an Unoccupied Test Apartment on IIT’s Campus
Energy Deion DeBose Brent Stephens Wireless Connectivity of Open Source Building Science Sensors
Health Ritika Dhawan Georgia Papavasiliou Doxycicline loaded nanoparticles for healing of anastomotic leaks
Security David Finol Ankit Srivastava Flutter migration through tuned mass damping
Health Nicole Frantz Ali Cinar The Effects of Exercise in Blood Glucose Concentration
Health/Security Jose Gibaja Matthew Spenko Electrostatic-Dry Adhesion in Bio-Inspired Robotics
Security Georgi Hristov David Williams Innovative Control Effectors for Maneuvering of Air Vehicles
Health/Security Cameron Ketchmark Joohee Kim Improving Feature Descriptors for Pedestrian Detection
Security Joaquin Lares Matthew Spenko Vehicle Terrain Interaction
Energy Yanxin Li Vijay Ramani Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Catalyst for Solid-State Alkaline Water Electrolysis
Health Roshani Patil Kenneth Tichauer Identification of Optimal Fluorophores for Dual-tracer Fluorescence Molecular Imaging to Quantify Cancer Specific Cell Surface Receptor Concentration
Energy Huilen Quiroga Carrie Hall Analysis of the Comustion Timing in Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Engines
Health Yusra Sarhan David Mogul Finding Improved Protocols for Using Deep-Brain Stimulation for Treating Epileptic Seizures in Rats
Energy Nicholas Taluzek Dietmar Rempfer Improving Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine Performance
Security Ibrahim Tamimi Mehdi Modares Sensor-Based Structural Health Monitoring in Tall Buildings
Energy Nina Townley Brent Stephens Energy and Environmental Characterization of an Unoccupied Test Apartment on IIT’s Campus
Health Sijia Wu Jovan G. Brankov Three-dimensional Quantitative Imaging of Molecular Heterogeneity in Tumor Specimens
Energy Zhe Yi Soo Ankit Srivastava Determination propafation of sound waves in phononic crystal using photoelasticity method
Energy Rou Yi Yeap Brent Stephens Modeling the Energy Impacts of Filter Fouling in Existing and Old Homes
Energy/Health Jihad Zeid Brent Stephens Continuation of research regarding the tranport of outdoor air pollutants into indoor environments.
Health Olha Zvarych Fouad Teymour & Britt Burton-Freeman Development of Engineering Devices for Affordable Nutrition