Fall 2020 Faculty/Undergraduate Research Funding: RES-MATCH

Join the Pritzker Institute as we connect undergraduate students who are interested in conducting research with faculty members with active research opportunities.

Illinois Tech Prizker Institute of Biomedical Science and Engineering RES-MATCH One-Slide, One-Minute, One Student

Announces RES-MATCH for the Fall 2020 Semester
Matching students and faculty members in research
  • Want to have an energetic undergraduate student doing research in your laboratory?
  • Want to provide a talented student with an opportunity to experience research?
  • Want to prepare data or perform an experiment for a grant application?
  • Want to pursue a new area of research?
If yes, then RES-MATCH is for you.

By participating in RES-MATCH, Illinois Tech faculty members can define a one-semester biomedical science or biomedical engineering research project with one student for which the Pritzker Institute will provide support for both the student and the faculty mentor’s laboratory. The project should be achievable for an undergraduate student within the fall 2020 semester.

The spring 2020 RES-MATCH was successful for both students and faculty mentors, despite the limitations imposed by COVID-19. The fall 2020 RES-MATCH will not be event-based and will use website matching of students and faculty mentors through the Pritzker Institute website. With creativity and accommodation, our faculty can continue this unique availability of research for our students.

For posting on the Pritzker Institute RES-MATCH web page, each faculty mentor will prepare a brief presentation of their project using one slide and either a one-minute video or a brief written description. Upon viewing a project on the RES-MATCH web page, students can contact the associated faculty member to obtain a recommendation to the Pritzker Institute for working on the research project.

Students accepted for RES-MATCH support will receive a $500 research award, and the faculty mentor will receive $500 for the research laboratory. A faculty selection committee will select the projects for posting and approve student-mentor matching via recommendations.

  • All Illinois Tech faculty members are encouraged to apply with projects that are related to or have an association with biomedical science or engineering. Please contact Phil Troyk with any questions about the suitability of any project or idea.
  • Interested faculty members should apply for one or more research projects by emailing the name of the project and a short description to the Executive Director of the Pritzker Institute Philip Troyk at troyk@iit.edu.
  • Upon acceptance, faculty will receive instructions for the preparation of the one slide and the associated video or written description.
  • APPLY EARLY: Once selected for RES-MATCH, the projects will be posted on the website on a first-come-first-serve rolling basis, depending upon continued availability of funds.
  • Illinois Tech students will be informed about the RES-MATCH website as soon as the first project is available.
  • Faculty mentors will recommend matching of their projects with particular students. Preference will be given to students who are new to the faculty member’s research. RES-MATCH is not intended as a means of supporting students currently working in a faculty member’s laboratory.
  • All projects must be matched by September 30, 2020, in order to qualify.