Got Junk? Dispose Of It At Fall Cleaning Event

If you have junk piling up in the office, classroom, dorm room, Greek House, or at home, bring it to the “Fall Cleaning Event” on the Main Campus on Thursday, October 24 and Friday, October 25. Bring electronics, old furniture, scrap metal, and other recyclable items. However, hazardous waste will not be accepted.

Drop off locations (outdoors unless otherwise specified) include:

E1 at North Back Door Exit
McCormick Tribune Campus Center at North Dock
Hermann Hall at North Dock
Stuart at Left of Entry (Indoors)
Tower at West Lobby (Indoors)
Perlstein at North of Building near parking lot
LSR at  “Gun Room” (by roll-up door)
Galvin at Northwest Dock
Keating at East Stairs and MSV at Dock (north of main entrance).

Note: If you have large equipment or furniture, place a work order for the Department of Facilities Maintenance Management to pick it up. There will not be a charge for these requests. If requesting a work order for pickup, please indicate that the pickup is for the fall cleaning event.

In addition, there will also be an open collection event taking place on Saturday, October 26. Additional details will be available soon regarding this event. If you have questions, contact the Office of Campus Energy and Sustainability.