Fall Staff Development Lunch-And-Learn Workshops

Responding to IIT Staff Engagement Survey results that recommended “investment in people development,” the university has scheduled three lunch-and-learn seminars for IIT staff at all levels, covering “Responsible Communication,” “Conflict Resolution” and “Understanding Emotional Intelligence.” The workshops will be held at the Main and Downtown Campuses from noon – 1 pm, and participants should bring your own lunch.

Participants must have supervisory approval prior to registration. Click on the workshop titles below to register. If you have any questions, please contact Maria McClain at mmcclain@iit.edu or 312.567.3932 or Toni Murril at amurril@iit.edu or 312.567.3012.

Responsible Communication
Main Campus – September 20, IIT Tower, 6th Floor Bronzeville Room
Downtown Campus – September 26, Room 305
In a conversation, each of the participants plays a role I directing it to a positive or negative outcome. This seminar helps participants appreciate the importance of taking personal responsibility for communicating issues. The presenter will discuss personal boundary issues and the impact on communication. The group will explore and compare the different styles of communication, the goals and consequences of adopting a particular style and identify communication roadblocks. Participants will gain a better understanding of the value of using assertive communication techniques and begin to discuss ways to change old ineffective communication styles.

Conflict Resolution
Main Campus – October 12, IIT Tower, 6th Floor Bronzeville Room
Downtown Campus – October 19, Room 305
Dealing with conflict is an inevitable part of life. We all encounter difficult people and difficult situations from time-to-time, from family members to business associates to acquaintances. Learning how to cope when confronted with a conflictual situation can be an important personal and professional skill. This seminar will review the four styles of communication and discuss effective techniques for avoiding and/or resolving a conflict.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence
Main Campus – November 9, IIT Tower, 6th Floor Bronzeville Room
Downtown Campus – November 16, Room 305
Many experts believe that emotional intelligence is much more powerful than IQ in determining who emerges as a leader. IQ is important but emotional intelligence can make you a star. It is taken for granted that employees have enough intellectual ability and technical know-how to do their jobs, now, the focus may be on personal qualities. Participants will learn about the five elements of Emotional Intelligence and their competencies. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the topic with other members of the audience and to evaluate their own competencies.