Cinema Fans Can Explore the Films of Stanley Kubrick at Shimer College

Some seats still remain in the Shimer College fall semester film elective exploring the cinema work of Stanley Kubrick.

The course couples weekly screenings and background readings with Shimer’s unique discussion format classroom experience. IIT students are welcome to register for either of the two offered section of the course and will earn three automatically-transferred IIT credits at the 300-Humanities level.

From his youthful start as a photographer at Look magazine to his death just days after submitting a final cut of Eyes Wide Shut, Stanley Kubrick remained the quintessential film auteur of his time. 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Shining, and A Clockwork Orange have all become standards within their respective genre.

In addition to weekly screenings, students study critical essays on Kubrick’s work, read two of the novels he used as source material for his screenplays, and explore technological advances in special effects and camera art—advances that forever changed the look of cinema.

For more information contact Shimer’s Jim Ulrich at or 312.235.3523 or IIT’s Carole Orze at or 312.567.3636.