Financial Aid Verification: Target Deadline is August 3

As recently advertised, the Priority Submission Date for requested verification documents was June 15. Due to a security breach with the IRS, taxpayers have been unable to secure electronic copies of their tax transcripts. Many families were stuck waiting to retrieve their tax transcript(s) by mail. Fortunately, families in this situation did not miss the financial aid verification Target Deadline, which is is Monday, August 3. The Office of Financial Aid will be able to disburse federal aid on the first day of class for students who turn in all requested documentation by 5 p.m. on Monday, August 3. As a reminder, students must attend to any subsequent questions posed by staff members via email in order for the office to complete the verification process.

The Office of Financial Aid cannot guarantee that federal aid will disburse on the first day of class for any student who turns in their verification documents after Monday, August 3. Students in this situation may be subject to late fees.

Questions? No problem. Give the office a call at 312.567.7219. They’re more than happy to help.