Fireside Chat at Kaplan Institute Will Help You Start a Side Hustle

The Kaplan Institute will be hosting a special Fireside Chat with Donald Hyun Kiolbassa on Friday, Feb. 24 from 12:45–1:30 pm. Register now and learn about the business strategies and techniques that Don has personally used and taught to thousands over the past 16 years.

Despite an impressive resume, there was a time when Don Hyun Kiolbassa was struggling to keep his head above water. He ultimately realized that the lessons he had learned in Wushu Kung Fu applied to not just fighting, but to life and business. This revelation inspired him to begin a number of side hustles that pulled him out of debt and made it so that he could not just survive but thrive. Side hustles were his way of fighting back against a system that was made to keep people trapped.