Free Online Chinese Culture Class this Summer

Are you interested in Chinese Culture?

Illinois Tech students have the opportunity to take a Chinese Culture Course (one free elective credit) through our partner institution, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, this summer online for free!

COST: Free for Illinois Tech Students

DATES: To be determined soon

HOW TO SIGN UP: Submit your short application here by Friday, March 26, by clicking “apply now” on the left side of the screen.

WHY? This is a great opportunity to equip yourself with knowledge of Chinese culture, improve your sensitivity, tolerance and flexibility to deal with cultural differences, cultivate your cross-cultural communication skills, and expand your cultural knowledge…all the while earning a free credit that can be used as elective credit at Illinois Tech.

Lecture 1: An Introduction to Chinese Traditional Architecture
Lecture 2: An Introduction to Chinese Educational System
Lecture 3: An Introduction to Chinese Wedding Culture and Etiquette
Lecture 4: An Introduction to Chinese Traditional Festivals
Lecture 5: An Introduction to Chinese Calligraphy and Painting
• Lecture 6: An Introduction to Chinese Cities

For more an overview of the course, check out the brochure here.