Friday is IPRO Day

The IPRO Program at IIT engages multidisciplinary teams of upper-level undergraduate students in semester-long real-world projects, typically sponsored by corporations, entrepreneurs, or governmental agencies. Working as part of a team, IPRO students develop skills that are critical to their professional success, including teamwork as part of an effective multidisciplinary group; leadership and decision making; balancing costs, benefits, and ethical issues; planning and managing complex projects; and meeting mission-critical dates and deadlines.

Toward the end of every semester, the teams participate in IPRO Day, a culmination of all the work teams have done during the semester. On that day, all IPRO teams compete for prizes and recognition by giving formal presentations and showcasing their projects in the form of an exhibit.

Come to Hermann Hall from 10 am – 4 pm on Friday, December 2 for Fall 2011 IPRO Day.

The Interprofessional Projects (IPRO) Program organizes undergraduate students from IIT’s colleges as multidisciplinary teams to work on complex, open-ended projects to tackle the challenges of our times. Guided by faculty members from diverse fields, IPRO teams may be focused to information technology solutions, process innovation, renewable energy and sustainability, service learning and community development. IPRO sponsors and community partners include Motorola Solutions Foundation, A.Finkl & Sons, Burgess-Norton, The Chamberlain Group, City of Blue Island, ECA Chicago, Exelon Nuclear, Mi-Jack, NAVTEQ, Parsons Brinkerhoff, The Plant, Save the Ramova, SolarWindUSA, Tellabs and United Scrap Metal. The IPRO Day event is the culmination of IPRO team work via exhibits and presentations. For fall 2011, over 50 IPRO teams will showcase and share their accomplishments. Professionals from the Chicago area are invited to serve as judges and welcome to attend as guests.