Get Healthier this Fall with Illinois Tech’s BCBS Naturally Slim Program

The new academic year is a great time to form new routines. Why not check out the BCBS Naturally Slim program for some help developing and sticking to those great new healthy habits you’re trying to pick up?

Naturally Slim is a mindful eating and weight loss program that offers weekly video lessons that focus on overall health so you can be your best self. You’ll learn that it’s not what you eat but when and how you eat that will make the difference for lasting weight loss and better overall health. You’ll also have access to continuing support and additional resources through the NS Town online community and library.

This program is open to all health plan members ages 18 and over, with the exception of pregnant women. The application window is September 3–13 for the fall 2019 session, which begins on Monday, September 30.

For additional information and to sign up visit