ID Student Startup GoKey on KickStarter

gokey, a silicone wrist band to hold your key, has just launched on KickStarter. The project is the creation of  IIT Institute of Design students Cristina Cook and Francesca Passoni.

gokey’s unique design allows for a safe and comfortable way to carry your key while on a run, so you will be able to stop worrying and engage in your workout and finally embrace peace of mind.  The key is easy to insert and is fully concealed when the bracelet is closed so no one needs to know your wrist band’s secret. The sleek, modern design makes gokey easy to wear when working out or from day to day. The silicone rubber (a similar material to the LiveStrong bracelets) is sweat proof, flexible, stretchy, and resistant to wear.

Go to Kickstarter to check out gokey and support their efforts.