Guidelines for Contracting for Catering Services Provided on Illinois Tech Campuses

When contracting for catering services to be provided on-site on Illinois Institute of Technology property, the IIT Catering Rider is to be used with any caterer provided service contract agreement. This process applies to purchases of catering services to be provided on university property. This does not apply to purchases of food that is only delivered to university departments for distribution by university personnel. Catering involves on-site food services provided by vendors. All catering contracts are to incorporate the IIT Catering Rider referencing the underlying catering service agreement contract. If the service agreement contract covers multiple events, it is the Illinois Tech contact person’s responsibility to make sure that insurance coverage is in place for all events. A Certificate of Insurance provided by the vendor should be reviewed before each event date to make sure that insurance coverage hasn’t lapsed. This and other purchasing procedures can be found on the “How to Buy” page of the IIT Purchasing Portal.