Harboe Architects Win 2016 Crombie Taylor Citation of Merit for Restoration of Carr Chapel

On September 27, AIA Illinois recognized Harboe Architects with the 2016 Crombie Taylor Citation of Merit for Preservation and Restoration for their impressive work at Robert F. Carr Memorial Chapel. The Crombie Taylor Award, named for the former architect and Institute of Design teacher who was an active preservationist and proponent of the Bauhaus, acknowledges a project that has enhanced the natural and built environment of a community through preservation and restoration. Organized by the Mies Society, the event featured remarks from Steve Weiss, Mies Society Board Chair; Mike Waldinger, Executive Vice President of AIA Illinois; Gunny Harboe, FAIA, Harbor Architects; Rik Master, President, AIA Illinois; and Bruce Watts, Vice President for Facilities and Public Safety, Illinois Institute of Technology. Gunny Harboe accepted the award, and the speakers recognized the architects, contractors, donors, and IIT staff who made the restoration possible.

View photos from the ceremony here.