Have Lunch with CEO of DuSable Black History Museum

The Kaplan Institute will be inviting Perri L. Irmer, President and CEO of the DuSable Black History Museum, for a Bytes Over Bites session on March 21.

Perri Irmer is President and CEO of The DuSable Black History Museum and Education Center, the iconic institution founded in 1961 by Dr. Margaret Burroughs. It is one of the oldest institutions of its kind in the U.S. She has held this position since September 2015, and her plans for the DuSable include advancing Dr. Burroughs’ vision of the museum as a center for African and African American arts and culture, as well as a center for research, thought leadership and community advancement. In addition, she serves on Illinois Tech’s Alumni Board of Directors’ Admissions and International Committees and was a founding member of its African American Alumni Association.

Lunch will be provided! Click here to register.