Health Plan Change for Children of IIT Employees: Coverage until Age 26 – July 30 Deadline

IIT is pleased to offer an immediate enhancement to its BlueCross/BlueShield plan. Beginning July 1, health coverage will be available to those children of faculty and staff who have not yet reached their 26th birthday who were previously covered as dependents under the IIT BlueCross/BlueShield plan and who lost their IIT health coverage for one of the following reasons:

* reached age 23 and was not a full-time student, or
* ceased to be a full-time student and was older than 23 but had not yet reached age 25.

If an employee’s child lost coverage in IIT’s medical plan due to one of the above reasons, the employee may be able to re-enroll that eligible child for coverage, effective July 1, if the following qualifications are met:

* The child is not yet 26 and is not married,
* the child does not have the option of purchasing health care coverage through his/her own employer(s), and
* the IIT employee completes and returns the following forms to Human Resources by no later than July 30, 2010.
o A new BlueCross/BlueShield enrollment form plus a copy of the child’s birth certificate; and
o The Special Re-enrollment Agreement signed by the IIT employee and the child.

Those employees not meeting the July 30 deadline for re-enrollment may next enroll eligible children during this fall’s Annual Enrollment for an effective coverage date of January 1, 2011.

The same offer is made to employees whose child will reach the limiting age/ condition between July and December 2010, if the employee returns the required documents to Human Resources within 31 days of the child losing coverage.