Health Study Seeking Participants

DM1 Diabetics JPEG.png

Are you interested in losing weight and managing your type 2 diabetes? Join us for a technology-based clinical research study. Illinois Tech nutrition research investigators are interested in finding out if technology can improve weight loss and help manage or reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

You may be eligible to participate in this nutrition research study if you are a healthy individual who:

  • Has been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type 2
  • Is over 18 years old
  • Has the ability to understand the English language
  • Has Internet access
  • Is handy with computers, phones, or tablets

This study will involve:

  • Six months of participation time
  • Screening visit and six two-hour study days
  • Blood samples collected during each study day

Contact us to see if you qualify to participateĀ at 312.567.5300 or email atĀ You can also fill out this survey to determine your eligibility.