Help Test Campus Temperature-Measure Stations

We need your help!

In preparation for the start of the fall semester and the community’s return to campus, Illinois Tech has installed four temperature-measure stations across three of our campuses to promote health and safety across campus.

If you are currently working in or around any of the below-listed station locations, please use the readers to take your temperature so we can evaluate the program and consider whether and how to expand it:

  • IIT Tower Lobby (Mies Campus)
  • Jeanne and John Rowe Village South (formerly State Street Village, on Mies Campus)
  • Entrance Lobby (Conviser Law Center)
  • Staff Entrance (Moffett Campus)
The device is easy to use. Align your wrist with the temperature sensor on the side of the device (no touching is involved) and hold your wrist 1-2″ from the sensor. The readout of your temperature on the screen, which will appear for just two seconds and then clear, is visible only to you. If the user’s temperature is 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher (what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention considers as a “fever”), the temperature readout will display in red.

The device does not record the identity or temperature of the user. The device only keeps a tally of the total number of temperature scans and how many of them were higher than 100.4 degrees.

The equipment is meant to signal to users that they should refrain from entering the building to help keep our community healthy.

Please view the University Plan for Reopening from COVID-19 for more information (myIIT login required). Thank you very much for being a pioneer in this safety protocol.