Help Us Celebrate International Education Week 2020

The International Center will be providing a week’s worth of programming promoting cultural exchange for our campus community. In conjunction with Marketing and Communications, we are embarking on a social media campaign for International Education Week (IEW) (November 16-20, 2020). 

We are looking for staff and faculty who would be willing to share a photo and provide a very short quote stating why international education/cultural exchange is important to them. 

The quote should not be any longer than 10-15 words. The deadline to submit the photo and quote is Wednesday, November 6. 

Examples of quotes could be:

  • I am celebrating IEW because…
  • International education is important to me because…
  • Cultural exchange is important to me because…
  • Etc.

Examples of photos could be:

  • A selfie;
  • A photo with an international student(s);
  • A photo of you with an international colleague;
  • A photo of you with a group of students abroad.
  • Etc. 

 Please submit your photo(s) and quote here by November 6.