How can the OTS Project Management Office help your teams?

The OTS Project Management Office (PMO) is accepting new project requests for our upcoming rotation beginning in July, and we have a few updates to share related to our project submission process.

  1. We have a new intake form for submissions!

  2. The OTS PMO website now includes resources to help you submit project requests, like an example project request form and answers to frequently asked questions.

Here are a few questions we have addressed:

  • How do I know if my issue would be considered a project, vs. an “enhancement request?”

  • If I can define a problem but I don’t know what the solution should be, can this be a project? In other words, can the PMO help me/my department determine a solution to a problem we’re having?

  • Does my request have to be technology-related? To what extent?

If you have had any of the questions above, take a look at our FAQ section on this page of our website.

As with previous projects, in order to be selected project requests need to directly align with one or more of our strategic priorities, have financial justification (direct or indirect cost savings) that can be measured, and support enterprise and cloud-based technology, where possible.

Projects may be submitted through May 31, 2022, for the upcoming project rotation. We encourage you to think about ways the PMO can help your department with initiatives or changes that contribute to the university’s strategic priorities.

Please share this with your department managers, and reach out if you have any questions.


The OTS Project Management Office
Anthony Atkinson, director
Molly McDermott, senior project manager
Carlos Salinas, project manager
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