ID Design Intersections Conference Discount Code

Be stimulated by the latest thinking in design at Design Intersections 2019!

Register with the code IITCOMMUNITY. This will get you a one-day ticket (Wednesday or Thursday) for $100 or a two-day ticket for $200 for this conference, which will be held on May 22–23 at the Institute of Design on Illinois Tech’s Mies Campus.

This year’s Design Intersections conference will bring together designers, executives, strategists, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and other leaders. We’ll discuss how to move from point solutions to systems change by unlocking ecosystems and activating networks.

Convene with participants from leading private, public, and nonprofits, including:

  • Allstate
  • City of Chicago
  • Matter
  • National Association of Conservation
  • Presidential Innovation Fellowship Program
  • The University of Chicago
  • Waymo

Design Intersections promises to be a timely and fruitful discussion that will help us all lead more scalable, sustainable, and equitable solutions for our world.