ID Student Project TidyTilt Hits 2232% Funding on Kickstarter

Zahra Tashakorinia and Derek Tarnow, two students at the IIT Institute of Design designed an accessory for the iPhone called TidyTilt¬†in Prof. Martin Thaler’s workshop. One the requirements of the workshop was that students post their designs on Kickstarter for funding. So they did…Zahra and Derek asked for a modest $10,000 to start working on their product. Never in their wildest dreams would they have imagined what happened next.

On January 29, their Kickstarter venture hit $223,174 – that’s 2232% more than the initial request. Clearly this is an indicator of what good design (TidyTilt) can do when applied on a great platform (Kickstarter).

Widly successful, both Zahra and Derek are now in production mode for TidyTilt. Congratulations Zahra and Derek!

Reposted from The Faculty Blog @ IIT Institute of Design.