ID Student Project TidyTilt Hits 2232% Funding on Kickstarter

Zahra Tashakorinia and Derek Tarnow, two students at the IIT Institute of Design designed an accessory for the iPhone called TidyTilt in Prof. Martin Thaler’s workshop. One the requirements of the workshop was that students post their designs on Kickstarter for funding. So they did…Zahra and Derek asked for a modest $10,000 to start working on their product. Never in their wildest dreams would they have imagined what happened next.

On January 29, their Kickstarter venture hit $223,174 – that’s 2232% more than the initial request. Clearly this is an indicator of what good design (TidyTilt) can do when applied on a great platform (Kickstarter).

Widly successful, both Zahra and Derek are now in production mode for TidyTilt. Congratulations Zahra and Derek!

Reposted from The Faculty Blog @ IIT Institute of Design.