IIT Alert App for iPad – New Installation Required

The IIT Alert app for iOS devices (iPads, iPods, and iPhones) will expire in July 2013. IIT iPad/iPod users must download and install the new version of the app in order to receive emergency notifications on their devices in the future.  The app is accessible within the myIIT portal under the Training and Support tab in the “Download IIT Apps” channel.  After July, your current iOS app will no longer function.  Please delete your current app and install the new one before August.  The easiest way to update is to login to the myIIT portal using your iPad/iPod’s browser.  The link in the “Download IIT Apps” channel will install the app directly to your device.

This update only affects the iOS app.  All other aspects of the IIT Alert emergency messaging system are unaffected.  iPhone users who have the app installed will need to install the new version.  iPhone users who have registered their phone number with IIT Alert here do not need to re-register.  Incoming undergraduates receiving iPads in August will have the newest version of the app pre-installed.

Contact supportdesk@iit.edu with any questions.