IIT Chicago-Kent Sends Team to The 2014 Niagara International Moot Court Competition in Washington, D.C.

Lindon Bluth, Stephen Brown, Margaret Livingston and Nicole Wilmet will represent IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law in the Niagara International Moot Court Competition. The tournament, sponsored by the Canada-United States Law Institute, will be held February 20 – 22 in Washington, D.C.

Teams from law schools in the U.S. and Canada will consider Canada v. U.S.: Case Concerning The Oscar Wilde, a hypothetical that raises important international legal questions. At issue is the extent to which same-sex couples have a right to marry under international law, and whether governments can intervene when private parties pay ransoms to terrorist groups. The organizers will publish the memorials (briefs) and final round oral argument to foster discussion on the issues following the tournament.

From left: Nicole Wilmet, Margaret Livingston, Lindon Bluth and Stephen Brown will represent IIT Chicago-Kent in the 2014 Niagara International Moot Court Competition.

Team member Lindon Bluth is a second-year student who graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Latin American studies. Teammate Stephen Brown, also a second-year student, completed his undergraduate education in English literature at the University of Florida. Teammate Margaret Livingston is a third-year student who earned a degree in English literature and fine arts at Haverford College. Teammate Nicole Wilmet, a second-year student, graduated from DePauw University with a double major in English literature and communication.

The team is coached by Professor Bartram S. Brown, co-director of IIT Chicago-Kent’s Program in International and Comparative Law.