IIT College of Architecture Students Awarded Honorable Mention in International Competition

Three IIT College of Architecture students, Dhaval Gadani, Louis Peragallo, and Christian Pereda, were recognized by the Gulf Architecture Biennial for an honorable mention in its Hormuz Bridge International Competition. The Gulf Architecture Biennial is a publishing house project that proposes to explore the scripts/scores for the invention of a new architecture pertinent to this time.

Their submission, Jeser El Amwaj, takes advantage of the site to become an ecological and renewable system. The structure is made up of buoyant tube sections linked by joints which allow flexing in two directions. As waves pass through the section of the bridge, the tubes bend and the movement is converted into electricity via hydraulic power systems inside each joint of the structure. The power generated from the structure is then transmitted to the onshore power grid distribution system or battery stations within the bridge.

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