IIT Department of Humanities 49th Annual Writing Contest Winners

The Department of Humanities announces the winners of the 2014 IIT Writing Contest:

Freshman Essay Prize
1st: Eric Tendian (ITMG) | NSA Leaker Edward Snowden in the Cultural Context of Digital Privacy
2nd: Aume Waheed (BIOL) | Struggles of Working Poor
3rd: Melanie Standish (PSYC) | Parental Influences on Adolescent Alcohol Use

Edwin H. Lewis Prize for Non-Fiction
1st: Tim Carsel (PSYC) | The Logic of Confirmation
2nd: Shireen Gul (HUMA) | Ethnicity trumps humanity in Quetta
3rd: Cheryl Lininger (ECE) | The Fall of Equality

Edwin H. Lewis Prize for Fiction
1st: Jeffrey Wigen (ARCH) | The Last Emperor
2nd: Rafael Soto (PHYS) | The Art of Dying
3rd: John Holden (BADM) | One Down, One to Go

Mollie Cohen Poetry Prize
1st: Jeffrey Wigen (ARCH) | Trilogy: A poetry collection
2nd: Sara Lieberman (BSME) | Selected Poems
3rd: Anurag Ahuja (BMED) | Self-effacing, Gracious, and Polite

The judges and faculty who made this contest possible express their appreciation to all the students who submitted their work for consideration in this year’s contest.