IIT Institute of Design Alumnus, Nate Burgos to Speak About His New Book “BROKEN”

“BROKEN: Navigating the ups and downs of the circus called work” is a new book written to empower professionals to face the challenges of toxic work environments, chaotic projects, poor communication, and other barriers.

IIT Institute of Design (ID) alumnus and designer for the Fortune 5,000,000, Nate Burgos co-authored the book with Stephanie Di Biase who runs design studio Ways & Means. Their new book features true stories, both positive and negative, that speak to the reality of working.┬áBurgos will be speaking Friday, February 28, from 12:30 pm – 2 pm on the 6th floor of the Institute of Design, 350 N. LaSalle Street. This is part of ID’s “In the Loop” series. To register, click here.

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