IIT Invited to Participate in Origami Idea Challenge II

IIT faculty and students are invited to participate in the Origami Idea Challenge II: a Global Investment Strategy Tournament. This year, IIT has been included in one of the competition divisions.

The contest is sponsored by Origami Capital Partners, a private equity firm interested in learning about novel investment ideas. Origami is awarding $130,000 in cash prizes for a wide variety of innovative investment strategies that include both financial and non-financial assets. Entry requires an initial 250-word maximum summary which is due no later than Wednesday, December 4, 2013. Full five page maximum submissions will be due on Friday, Feb. 14, 2014. Additional competition details are provided at www.OrigamiChallenge.com.

Any IIT faculty and students who are working on innovative strategies that could quality as entries in the Challenge should call Professor John Bilson, Associate Dean of Stuart School of Business and Professor of Finance at 312.906.6538 or email. He is serving as the IIT point person for the competition and can provide additional details and guidance about the competition.